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博碩士論文: 「文化治理」中的不對等權力關係 : 以桃園縣客家文化館為例=The Cultural Governance and Coordinate Authority Relations—The Case of Hakka Museum in Taoyuan County

  • 作者:徐億君(Yi-Chun Hsu)(研究生)
  • 其他作者:張翰璧(Hanbi Chang)(指導教授)
  • 語文:中文
  • 出版者:國立中央大學
  • 系所名稱:客家社會文化研究所
  • 學位類別:碩士
  • 出版日期:2009
  • 畢業學年度:97
  • 頁數:122
    • 主題:聚落-其他
    • 關鍵詞:桃園縣客家文化館、治理、文化治理、governance、the cultural、Hakka Museum、governance
    • 國家:臺灣


    The council for cultural affairs started after 2002 promoted the place cultural building plan, the place cultural building already became one of most important cultural facilities policies. The central committee and the place county level unit with all one''s strength impelled the Hakka business in the recent years, and the Central South region all one after another established the Hakka culture north Taiwan (thing)the hall, at present south of Taiwan six pile of area''s Hakka cultural relic halls were most perfect, next belonged to the regional minute Hakka cultural building respectively to call by its function. But, the current topic was these dwelling transport business has faced the reality challenge, media also report these spaces one after another the condition which left unused, therefore had “the mosquito hall” the name production, this research take “The Taoyuan County Hakka Museum” as a case, made the thorough inquisition in view of this phenomenon.
    This in the Taoyuan County Hakka Museum construction process''s participant will divide into three parts, respectively be guest commission (Central authorities) and (County government), as well as Longtan Town geographical unit of government (Local authority). The author in view of tripartite carries on “the depth interview”, and understands the cultural building from dialog the construction decision-making and the government process, as well as “cultural government” in path. Furthermore, “The Taoyuan County Hakka Museum” in construction process, besides “the guest commission” and “the Taoyuan County Culture Administration” for the main decision-making and the participant, the place literature and history work team perhaps is related the place association the participation in the government process importance, also center of gravity which mainly wants to inquire into for this research.
    The research discovered that compares in 2006, these for two years observation may discover the level the conflict, after passing through the time the cushion, had the large scale transformation, because besides the government unit commander personnel''s change, between each other''s communication also had the improvement is the very important factor. In addition, local community and resident regarding this plan manner, also starts under the Government department positive achievement to accept, from opposition which and question just started, in becomes the mosquito hall after to begin in the process, transfers gradually supports and encourages, these actual changes may increase in the dwelling visit human tide were discovered that future development still has many challenges freely, but in these observation process, still might discover that its development the potential, anticipated the dwelling can mutual support from under the various organizations, obtain benignly continues forever the development.


    第一章 緒論 1
    第一節 文化館在台灣的分布與現況 1
    第二節 問題意識︰客家文化館的設立與治理 4
    第三節 研究方法與研究架構 9
    第二章 從「治理」到「文化治理」 15
    第一節 全球化下「治理」概念的發展 15
    第二節 從「治理」到「善治」 24
    第三節 「文化治理」的模型 30
    第三章 「中央」與「地方」在決策過程中的對話 37
    第一節 客文館的催生︰都是誰在說話? 37
    第二節 「客文館」的存與歿 45
    第三節 小 結 50
    第四章 民間機構在「文化治理」中的角色 53
    第一節 2007年以前的客文館 53
    第二節 2007年開始的客文館 62
    第三節 小結 69
    第五章 結論 71
    參考文獻 80
    附錄一︰訪談大綱 87
    附錄二︰受訪名單 90
    附錄三︰「桃園縣客家文化館」大事記 91
    附錄四︰桃園縣客家文化館2008年進館人次統計表(3-12月) 98
    附錄五︰「桃園縣客家文化館」2008年活動新聞稿 99
    附錄六︰龍潭鄉位置與簡介 115
    附錄七︰「桃園縣客家文化館」田野照片與位置圖 120

    表1-1 台灣博物館分類 2
    表1-2 目前台灣各縣市地方文化館分佈 3
    表1-3 目前台灣各縣市客家文化設施分佈 7
    表1-4 訪談對象個數統計表 10
    表3-1 「桃園縣客家文化館」計畫各層級執行角色表 51

    圖4-1 2006年客文館主體建築閒置狀況(外) 54
    圖4-2 2006年客文館主體建築閒置狀況(內) 55
    圖4-3 客文館外觀主體建築樣式 60
    圖4-4 臺灣客家世紀印象海報圖 62
    圖4-5 臺灣客家世紀印象活動內容佈 63
    圖4-6 桃園縣客家文化館暖身展開幕 63
    圖5-1 2007年前「桃園縣客家文館」之治理模式 73
    圖5-2 2007年後「桃園縣客家文館」在「文化治理」中之模式 74