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博碩士論文: 社區政策對地域發展之影響:以新竹縣橫山鄉為例=The Influence of Community Policy on Local Development: A Case Study of Country in Heng-shan.

  • 作者:張瑟玉(Se-Yu Chang)(研究生)
  • 其他作者:周錦宏(Chin-Hung Chou)(指導教授)
  • 語文:中文
  • 出版者:國立中央大學
  • 系所名稱:客家政治經濟研究所
  • 學位類別:碩士
  • 出版日期:2008
  • 畢業學年度:96
  • 頁數:216
      • 關鍵詞:社區政策、橫山鄉、地域發展、Heng-shan Country、local development、community policy
      • 國家:臺灣
      • 城市:新竹縣


      In Taiwan, want to develop a local development, the public agent actively pushes the performance of community policy to be used as a project investment local carries on or guiding process, and the conversion of community empowerment from the community development, try to give citizen to practice its cultural right, after through well release a resource and activate social community, expect to re-explain to have cultural public business of the local special feature. In other words, the community policy of Taiwan thinks that exhumation''s differences in local culture is a kind of public agent to request to improve the process of the driving of economy inside the district, society and culture, finally for empowerment a sound local development.
        However, examine currently the local of Taiwan to develop appearance, is facing the homogeneity high competition. In regard to the community policy of core, the most is laid particular emphasis on to the development of economic level, while the economic factor surely controlled the whole process for developing and also receive instant result in the execution, but consequently commercial predominance, with the result that the local government is building cultural facilities and holds an art and literature activity to only have to show with experience property, all slightly weak to the concept of local sustainable development, then spread out problem and public estranged phenomenon of development disequilibrium. Whether positive because imagination and club of citizen participation build the fulfillment of principle to contain notable margin and make the citizen addicted to a development frame under of business empowerment, then ignore the community consciousness of community direction.
        The development grain that this research defines the community policy in Taiwan first is a dynamic state body, and becomes three periods from the concept demarcation of the sequence in time; Is the whole that constructs a local development secondly, the local development of this research definition can join the government to cure, economy, society and cultural level to inquire into, and focus each level is at government policy, the industrial economy, social disposition and cultural environment respectively. End, a case study of Country in Heng-shan, inquire into the community policy of different process, while satisfying a citizen identification and leading to lead citizen participation, economic benefit, culture brought by it changes direction and the space activate, develop to Country in Heng-shan of deduce process in, is as for the local activates and the result of the community empowerment, creation what degree of influence. On these grounds, the key of problem and the local variety in the process and idea change craved for to find out to hide. Then, proposed the future will carry out or draws up suggestion the correlation subject, in order to provide Heng-shan the country of the community organizes, community inhabitants, public agent and operator adjust the reference of the local development.


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      第三章 新竹縣橫山鄉之發展進程與概況 59
      第一節 新竹縣橫山鄉的人文地理背景 59
      第二節 新竹縣橫山鄉的產業經濟變遷 63
      第三節 新竹縣橫山鄉的社區發展暨營造概況 73
      第四章 國民政府遷臺後的社區政策(1945-1993) 81
      第一節 社區政策對地域發展政治層面之影響 82
      第二節 社區政策對地域發展經濟層面之影響 88
      第三節 社區政策對地域發展社會層面之影響 93
      第四節 社區政策對地域發展文化層面之影響 97
      第五章 社造理念提出後的社區政策(1994-1999) 101
      第一節 社區政策對地域發展政治層面之影響 101
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      第三節 社區政策對地域發展社會層面之影響 111
      第四節 社區政策對地域發展文化層面之影響 117
      第六章 第一次政黨輪替後的社區政策(2000-迄今) 121
      第一節 社區政策對地域發展政治層面之影響 121
      第二節 社區政策對地域發展經濟層面之影響 128
      第三節 社區政策對地域發展社會層面之影響 140
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